Sunday, June 24, 2018

Memories Of A Great Luxury Hotel

The Hotel Ponce De Leon

The way I understand it is that this dining hall was originally part of the Ponce De Leon luxury hotel and is now part of Flagler College.

Details about this historic and iconic hotel can be found in a Wikipedia article -- ( HERE ).

The hotel was pretty much constructed of poured concrete and was one of the first buildings in The United States to be constructed in this manner. The hotel boasted 540 rooms when it was in service as a luxury hotel.

Part of the silent film, "Stolen Moments" starring popular 1920s heart-throb, Rudolph Valentino, was filmed at this famous spot:

Photo Credit for the image above --- ( HERE )
Volcanos and what have you ...
Print this post out and keep it where you can find it and refer back to it because I am going to make some predictions here and it would be nice to have some confirmation if and when the predictions I am making materialize into fact:

I believe Yellowstone National Park will see the rise of a new volcanic cone within the boundaries of the part within the next 90 days. (Approximately). I believe this cone will rise from what is known as "The Caldera" and it will rise to a height of from 200 to 1,000 feet.

I believe that yet another volcano other than Kiluea will begin an eruption very soon now ... within the next 60-90 days and while it will be less intense than Kilauea, it will cause a lot of consternation and concern on the big island.

I believe that by the end of the Summer of 2018, the entire Yellowstone National Park will be closed to tourists because of the rise in seismic and volcanic activity within the park but I do not believe the closure will be permanent because I believe that sooner or later the increases in the seismic and volcanic activity will subside to the point where it will be safe for tourism once again.

I believe that in both cases (Hawaii and Yellowstone) we are looking at a potential Mt. St. Helens-type scenario and everybody should be on their toes.

Page views yesterday: "68"

Well, smell me! Three Hundred Million damned blogs on the internet and as many (or more potential readers) and I get a whopping "68" visits in one 24-hour period?  I am creaming my jeans in total ecstasy! (No, I am not!)

But let us get on to other and more interesting stuff, shall we? I am tired of bemoaning my inability to capture the attention of hordes of folks on the Internet and besides, I am so unique as a person and as a blogger that only the very best looking and most intellectually-gifted people on the planet ever read the wonderfully evocative and educational stuff that I write on this blog -- and I am pleased enough with those wonderfully loyal folks. They are the cream of Humanity, each and every one of both of them and I am grateful for their rapt and continual attention. (They know who they are.)

I have reduced the size and appearance of my text again because I found this really classy blog that I have virtually fallen in love with -- among many that I have virtually fallen in love with --- and it looks to me (from my vantage point) that the author (Pete Johnson) has chosen somewhat the same or similar text face and the name of the classy blog that I have been reading and which I recommend that everybody else read as well is ---- "Red Flag Flying" --- Pop on over and take a look and you will see what I mean ... "Classy and Timely and Relevant" to the Nth Degree!

I see that the gutless American Lame Stream Media (MSM) has reduced their coverage of the potentially catastrophic supervolcano at Yellowstone National park and are giving it the least possible amount of attention due to the less-than-significant (to them anyway) fact that the gigantic magma chamber beneath the park has been growing and swelling and shooting off new and bigger geysers than ever before -- a sure sign of an impending massive explosive event.  If that thing ever blows in anywhere near the same manner as Mt. St. Helens did, at least 20 states of The United States would be more or less made uninhabitable.

There is a small amount of good potential news, however: The "Scientists" (Science Nitwits) are saying that chances are good that the expected massive event will not be apocalyptic in nature but might be a lot smaller. (No need to cause panic, now is there?).

Does anybody know if that "Russian Collusion" investigation is still going on in The USA? It was such a hot and majorly important headline in the MSM, not that too long ago and now I am barely hearing anything at all. What's up with that? Is the media silence some kind of calm before a storm or has the whole damned thing fizzled out because nobody could prove any of their fallacious claims? Is the Media silence on the matter a face-saving move for the Lib-Turds who pushed the fantasy so hard in their efforts to sully the name and reputation of the President they hate more than Christians hate Satan himself? (Or are the Libtards just assembling more lies and insinuatory material so they can mount a renewed attack when conditions are right for maximizing profits from the whole insane venture?)

I must assume that the Main Stream Media is finished with Hillary Clinton and the Benghazi affair, right?

I have a question for anybody who might have spent the time to enrich themselves by reading me this morning ---- "How long do you suppose it will take for the volcano that is erupting in Hawaii to cause an evacuation of the entire island because the volcano will make it absolutely unsafe to live there any longer?" If it happens, do you expect that the Main Stream Liberal Propaganda Outlets will even cover it? (Or will we simply hear some bullshit about the large number of Hawaiians who are suddenly emigrating to the Mainland?

Saturday, June 23, 2018

Dear Susie

Dear Susie,

It was good to hear from you again and I am glad to hear that you are doing so well with your new clothing business at the Fashion Mall.

You might notice that I have made the outer border of the blog a nice dark mahogany brown. This is almost the color of the background of my G-Mail and if it is good enough for them then it is more than good enough for me.

I bought myself a small food steamer the other day -- to try it out -- and now I like it so much I am thinking of upgrading to a more complex model .... a model that can do a lot more than this one can.

I note that my security scan is wanting me to run another manual scan and so it is running in a tray now.

We moved the big ceramic plate I bought to feed the wild birds with. We moved it from our back porch to the little fairy garden near the backyard fence. The birdies did a lot of pooping on the back porch and so we had to move their feeder.

I love the new steamer because it has given me a new appreciation for fresh fish. I love fish but I have to be careful because some of the processors are not all that good at the filet process and there are some bones in some of the fish I buy --- so far Ocean Perch has been the worst of the lot and Salmon is far more forgiving. I haven't found a salmon bone yet but I picked three or four of them out of my perch.

Well, some of my favorite boob tube programs are playing right now so I will have to go and watch a few of them until bedtime.

Take care of yourself and I will write again soon.

Your Friend,


dead-ended again. Sigh!

Friday, June 22, 2018

I was reading my E-mails and ---

I was reading my E-mails and discovered that I liked the size and appearance of them and so I have managed to somewhat duplicate that look now and I think I will hang with it for the time being because it looks to me like it will be easier to read.

I have been feeding the wild birds that hang around our house and they have been eating about 5-pounds of black oiled sunflower seeds a day and approximately a whole bag of dried dog food that I water down to make it soft for them. Looks like my birdies are going to cost me about $10 a week but it is worth it because they are so cute.

The Blue Jays come, the starlings come, the little sparrow birds come and we have had one Cardinal. The squirrels also come once in awhile so I guess I will be feeding them as well --- and, of course, they are welcome to it.

As for me, I have purchased a new electric steamer and have been having some mighty fine fresh steamed fish lately --- so far: Salmon and Ocean Perch. Delicious! Twenty-Five minutes in the steamer and the thick filets are absolutely Chef-Approved perfect. Top them with coarse-ground black pepper, some lemon juice and a little grated lemon zest, and some tartar sauce .... I cannot be more pleased!

The result of all my concerns and worries about my cataract and glaucoma have been resolved. The cataract is not yet enough to require surgery and the glaucoma is mild enough at this point to be controlled with eye drops. I am very relieved!
I Am Not Paying On-Line Sales Tax:
I think it is the ultimate rip off, The Supreme Court ought to be ashamed of itself for letting it happen and I am not playing their stupid damned game!

The first time I have to pay sales tax on something that I purchase over the Internet will be the last goddamned time I ever purchase anything on the Internet until somebody gets wise and removes the requirement for states to collect such taxes.

The little guy in America got a little bit of a break and found online shopping to be a wonderful thing and there were no sales taxes to pay and it was all good.

But some greedy something-or-other or somebody or other decided the little guy did not need or deserve his and her break so they moved to take that break away by allowing states to collect sales tax on online purchases.

I think it is bullshit and I am not playing!

The first time I get charged a sales tax for buying something online is the last goddamned time I will ever buy anything online and I hope there are a lot of other people just as mad about this as I am and that they too will boycott, boycott, boycott and return to physical brick and mortar stores until this nonsense has been done away with once and for all time.